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IH Online Promise

You can trust online learning with International House.

All IH schools share a quality commitment to our clients, our staff and our planet. Realise your aspirations and open new horizons by learning with International House in an interactive, online school environment.

We want you to have a successful, engaging and enjoyable online experience. This is our online promise to you. Our online courses are specially designed for the online environment so that you can learn efficiently and enjoyably. We have a whole school behind the scenes to support your learning.

  1. Before you enrol, we will listen to your needs and test your language level, only then will we recommend the best course for you.
  2. You will receive clear information about what the course involves, how much study time there is, and how you can get help from your teacher and the school administrative staff.
  3. Your teachers will be qualified and they will all have received training in how to teach online. International House classes are regularly observed by academic managers to ensure the best possible learning experience and lessons are designed to be interactive and practical.
  4. Skilled educational managers design and monitor online courses to ensure effective learning takes place, the course content is up to date and teachers are using the latest techniques.
  5. We will provide you with clear information about the technology we will be using, the equipment you will need and guidance to support your online experience.
  6. When you are learning with International House online, we will regularly check your progress, and we will give you help in how best to improve.
  7. We will always welcome your feedback.
  8. You can trust International House because all IH schools are regularly inspected, both face to face and online, to ensure we always deliver a high quality service.